To put Partners together

TME MANAGEMENT opts for the "team work" principle, that is, to get together, case by case, high level professionals, bound by the long term experience of collaboration, constituting a partners' network. This structure offers optimum flexibility avoiding costs generated by unnecessary administration staff.

To share the same values

This mode of functioning, to be operational in an optimum way, requires persons sharing the same values, respect for the client and willingness to serve the interests of the principals before their own interests.

To respect the commitments

These values include the respect for the given word and for accepting commitments as well as ethics in business, implying loyalty and allegiance to the clients and their group, as well as to the partners of the network.

To give evidence of discretion and of professionalism

In the professions practised by TME MANAGEMENT, discretion is an essential virtue and professionalism a fundamental quality. The interest, and sometimes the commitment are of such a level, that any error can have heavy consequences. Discretion and professionalism are major qualities within TME MANAGEMENT, which have made them the base of its business ethic.